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  • Coder’s Blog 20

    Black holes … wow gotta love them. Okay so maybe every week was a little too ambitious. Especially when I have weeks where getting to work on this side of life. So this week has seen catastrophe in that my mac seems to be …. having issues.

    So that is my update for now fingers crossed that it can be easily fixed.



  • Coder’s Blog 19

    Another week rolls through and the joys of life continue to surprise. Got most of the things I wanted to done, but then something that was working to stop. A coders life fix one bug and circle round 10 little bugs appear. Isn’t that always the way.

    Hopefully I will have a more interesting update next week.


  • Coder’s Blog 18

    Greetings once again fellow travelers, thanks for sharing part of my road for a few minutes. So this week has finally calmed down enough for me to get some actual coding done. Got everything working that I couldn’t get to last week (made everything move & spawn where I want them). So I started working on the accelerometer to make the ship move, side to side – check. Up and down … well the down part works … too well.

    Back to the coloring board *yeah just a chalk board with colored chalk 😉 *