• Refocusing…

    Today will mark the day that we’ll be refocusing our efforts away from mobile platform creation and we’ll be doubling our efforts towards PC. After this December our current mobile offerings will expire with our developer licenses. Which will mean that our currently published mobile games will no longer (more…)

  • New Items in the Store…

    Just wanted to let our followers/fans/friends/family know that there is new merch in the store now. So be sure to head on over and check it out here. ( We also hope to be launching an Etsy store front as well. )

    If anyone thinks that they would be interested in stickers (more…)

  • Coder’s Blog 22

    Ah the sounds of the Greatful Dead, “What a long Strange trip It’s been”. Unfortunately as you can guess that infers I was barely able to look at code this week. I am starting to feel like a putz. With a new employee starting at the day job and the Boston Marathon it makes a busy week … huh no I don’t run unless being chased but it is a city pride thing. Hopefully I will have more next week.

    Chat with you all later.