• Coder’s Blog 19

    Another week rolls through and the joys of life continue to surprise. Got most of the things I wanted to done, but then something that was working to stop. A coders life fix one bug and circle round 10 little bugs appear. Isn’t that always the way.

    Hopefully I will have a more interesting update next week.


  • Coder’s Blog 18

    Greetings once again fellow travelers, thanks for sharing part of my road for a few minutes. So this week has finally calmed down enough for me to get some actual coding done. Got everything working that I couldn’t get to last week (made everything move & spawn where I want them). So I started working on the accelerometer to make the ship move, side to side – check. Up and down … well the down part works … too well.

    Back to the coloring board *yeah just a chalk board with colored chalk 😉 *


  • Coder’s Blog 17

    Time files when you are playing with Real life. So instead of working on hit boxes and scores I wound up installing a new microwave. I don’t have anything else this week to report other than man the graphics are amazing in real life 😉