We just released our very FIRST Amazon App Store game for the Kindle Fire and it’s called “12 Days to Xmas”.

    You can check it out here… http://goo.gl/URjh9l

    Perfect Holiday Fun for Everyone!

    P.S. – Unfortunately Apple could not approve the iPad version prior to them shutting down on the 21st. However, there is one out there.

    Youtube Launch Trailer Below

  • Time…

    Hey there loyal fans and hello to the latest subscribers of our blog and twitter feed!

    Judging by the heading you’ve probably already deduced that this particular blog entry is going to cover more than the norm and is going to take a look at more of the internal/personal side of our small startup.

    Let’s talk about TIME…

    We work mostly day in and day out… not on our games, but at our daily job. Working 7-5 Monday through Friday, providing IT support to a Fortune 500 company. Hey we have to pay the bills right? And getting started from the ground up in something that we’ve never done before collectively takes a lot of will power and sheer desire to do just that; let alone the funds. We’re putting in 40 hours a week dealing with technical issues and customers with technical issues and THAT can take a toll on anyone. Each of us has rent/mortgage to pay, families to take care of, and day to day responsibilities that require us to put other things, such as making games, lower on the priorities list. Families come first, jobs second, then sanity third, and then making games.

    So back to this whole time thing, we try to work on it during downtime throughout the work day. Only problem with that is the job gets in the way… lol. We also try to work on it during nights, but the work day can definitely take it out of you. During the last six months we’ve been working on Palidin, its mostly been a 70/30 day to night work. We’re close to resubmitting the game again, just cleaning up some left over bugs and streamlining the Main Menu. We’ve been able to clean up the issues that Microsoft complained about. However, now that we are coming to an end on Palidin and two of the three team members are starting preproduction on Glory Days: Shadows of the World (GDSOTW). We do have future plans for Palidin and would like to expand the title to different platforms, but it takes time, there it is again, to learn new languages and platforms to get the games on. That’s what the third team member is doing is working on learning the language to get Palidin on another platform. To which platform I am referring… stay tuned. 🙂

    Back to the other two and preproduction on GDSOTW, we’re currently taking advantage of the excellent learning videos and tutorials available at Digital Tutors. We are new to Unity and they have an excellent learning course on Mobile Game Development for Unity. However, once again that takes time. Takes time to learn, time to practice, time to implement and time for improvisation and adaptation to what we’re working on.

    We’re looking at a two year development cycle for GDSOTW and we hope to have a nice milestone completed by January 2014 just in time for a PAX East 2014 showing. We realize that if we had enough revenue coming in, some of us could quit and work on the game full time; but we have to be able to start selling games in order to do that. And in order to sell games we have to make them and get them published. However, all this takes time, and that’s time that three full time guys have to find to make this dream come true. It’s a vicious cycle indeed.

    So there’s a little insight into our team and how time effects us on a daily basis.

    Also, we hope to have some exciting announcements in the next two weeks.

    So till next time…

    The Papalati Games Team


    Well folks, its been quite a journey getting through this first title, but we did it. The game has been uploaded to the Windows Phone Dev Center. Now its just a matter of waiting to hear back from MS on approval. We should hear something back in the next 5 business days. Hears hoping it goes through on the first go around.

    Wish Us Luck!