Start of 2015…

Howdy Fellow Developers and Gamers alike!

It has now been almost five months since we’ve posted and shared information regarding us and the status of our first title Palidin. And since then a lot sure has changed.

So, let’s just get right to it…

Renewing our Developer Account with MS… not so bad so far.
◦ We certainly have had our ups and downs with developing for the Windows Phone platform. Most certainly in the past, our issues have been with the certification process that MS has used previously. We knew that going back to MS and finishing what we started three years ago was going to be a complete gutting and rebuilding from the ground up. So, when it finally came time to submit version 2.0, we kept our fingers crossed and hit submit. This time instead of 3 days wait, it was a 3 hour wait and they said it was ready for submission to the Windows Phone Store. Needless to say, we were absolutely stunned. We then began work on adding ad mediation to the game and submitted that as well. That took a little longer. About 12 hours longer, but again better than a week later and just to be told it didn’t pass.
It’s out there now, the full chronicles with all chapters included, for public consumption. We’re sorry it took three years for those of you who have been waiting or tried to wait. And for all of you that didn’t like it because the first book was too short or that you died to easily… well I think we’ve fixed those issues with this version.

We stated before that we would evaluate the response to Palidin for iPhone and decide if an iPad version is warranted…
◦ There’s an update on this previous topic. We’re going to rebuild the game from the ground up the same way we did for the Windows Phone version. Not only for consistency, but also for performance. The game/story grew so big once the story was actually finished that doing it the way it is currently designed for iPhone would just destroy the game and constantly cause your device to crash. Not cool, we know.
So, over the next 3-6 months we should have the iPhone AND iPad versions completely redone with ALL CHAPTERS INCLUDED for download. So, be on the lookout for that announcement.

We’re also starting pre-planning stages on the next game from our little team…
The topic has been overused, but hopefully by the time it comes out it will be new again or at least what we’re doing with it would seem new. Let’s hope so.

What’s this I see… you guys are in Boston AND Cincinnati now?!
That’s right folks. Half the team has moved back to the Cincinnati area due to family reasons. That half of the team is also expecting their first child come this March. So, we are wishing them the best of luck on their little addition. Hopefully, it won’t hinder the art from getting done on future games! Wink wink.

Cheers –

The Papalati Games Team

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