Zbrush vs xNormal – The Verdict: xNormal Wins!





Okay, so that was a little less painful that time…

No weird UV distortion. No artifacts sitting in the middle of a projection. Just like it should be. Good thing xNormal is free, cause they could make a killing if they charged for the program.








Now, on to the cavity map debate Zbrush vs xNormal. This time it is absolutely a HUGE difference between the two maps being created in each program. Zbrush Cavity being the 2nd map and xNormal’s Cavity Map being the 3rd map.

Simply put, it’s night and day.

Where to now? …you might say.

Well, now that we have the distortion issue resolved; its time to get the rest of the maps generated in xNormal, then over to Quixel to complete the Materials.

Till next time!

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