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The store is NOT accepting orders at this time. Thank you. 

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The store is NOT accepting orders at this time. Thank you. 

Just a few words about us

Okay, so maybe not just a few.

As former game developers turned retro game reanimators, Papalati Games is focused on bringing vintage/retro consoles back from the “other side” and return them to the land of the living.

Whether they are just neglected from sitting in your family’s closet, basement, or attic for years or if they are a beloved piece of your game collection just needing a pick-me-up; we are here for each and everyone of them.

We will be providing more information on our general reanimating process in the near future.

Behold our Résumé.

If you take a look at the image to the left you’ll see the extensive amount of experience we have when it comes to repairing retro devices.

To get added to the list, we’ve had to work on at least one of these in one way or another. Whether it was a full-on repair, or something simple like a recap or cleaning.


"If you have all this experience, then why are you just now starting a website?"

- Future Customer

We’ve actually been doing most of our business through our ebay account. As of today, we are quickly approaching 1000 feedback with close to a perfect rating.

Originally the website was up and running from 2012 to 2017, but was dedicated to our game development studio. When the studio went under in late 2017 we shut down the website, but retained the domain.

Eventually we will have a subscription you can sign up for to see when we post new items to our ebay store or to just our website shop… once it eventually launches.

But for now, here is the link to our ebay store.



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