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The store is NOT accepting orders at this time. Thank you. 

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The store is NOT accepting orders at this time. Thank you. 


Wow, where to begin…

When we first started out we were designing games back in 2012. Five years after that and we were finding ourselves out of funding and in turn out of time. Lots of ideas, lots of stories that we’ll never be able to tell. To share with others.

As time went on, The team was slowly becoming more distant from one another. Eventually, time caught up to us and we needed to find something else to do. I myself tried several different things. None of which, brought me any excitement or challenges such as this new venture I am tackling.

I’m still going to be working with video games, but instead of making new worlds for people to explore I’m going to be spending my time saving the past. Making what was old and broken, look new and function like-new again. I’m going to take what I learned over the years during my stint in the computer repair field of 10 years and hopefully turn it into something of my own.

Therefore, I am relaunching this site as a destination for people to go one day and find the help they need or find the tools, resources, parts, etc to be able to repair their own console or handheld from yesteryear; or even come to me and say they need help repairing their beloved retro console.

The barebones of the site is up and running. And as time affords me the luxury I will be able to make more changes to the site and to the structure of it and hopefully be able to launch the store before the hardcore shopping season starts.

If you made it this far, I thank you and welcome you to the NEW Papalati Games.

– Papalati

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